Service Centre

My device has given a failure message, what should I do?

 If your device is under warranty period, you could simply send out to one of our Service Stations, (Istanbul or Izmir) by covering the delivery charges, and have your unit fixed free of charge.If you want this service at your place, the service fee is 40 Usd + VAT(%18) *  .

*Valid for service visits in Istanbul and Izmir within the city range at 30 km .

I sent my device to service centre, what does it come back to me?

 Our approximate service time is 2(two) days, excluding the time spent during courier and customer confirmation work paid services.

My device is broken and it is out of warranty, what am I supposed to do?

 You may simply give us a call for a diagnosis at a service charge of 40 Usd + VAT. 

In order to avoid servis charge,you may send your device to Servis Centre of Izmir ,thus your approval would be required in order to complete the service procedure.

Do I need to have preventative maintenance during usage?

 In order to prolong the lifespan of your device,besides to ensure perfect performance ,we strongly advise you to have preventative maintenance at least once a year .

Concerning Counterfeit Banknotes

My device did not detect a counterfeit banknote, what am I supposed to do?

 In devices distributed by Teknosel, there is no such a risk for TL and EUR.

Concerning USD, very specially fabricated USD banknotes might be at your risk.

Courier and Delivery

I was not delivered, what am I supposed to do?

 The item you ordered has a standard delivery time of 24 hours, however, if you did not receive within this time, please contact to know of your delivery at our call centre.

I will send out my device for under-warranty / out-of-warranty service coverage to service centre, who is covering courier charges on both directions?

 Both directions are paid by our customers in courier charges.

Warranty Coverage and Period

Warranty Coverage and Period

 Your device is protected against production faults for 2(two) years , excluding mis-usage by operator and not using original packing equipment during service centre sendings by customers.

Payment and its options

Payment and its options

 Your could pay your orders:

  • Cash to courier during delivery
  • Credit Card to courier during delivery
  • Mair Order, including instalment campaign(please ask your representative to learn about latest offers)
  • Wire Transfer


Refund and Replacement Policy

Refund and Replacement Policy

 We accept refunds made during 7 days after the date of invoice, required to have all original package and accessories.

In order to replace your device with a new one, the same failure should be repeated more than twice .